Make a choice…

If they don’t notice your silence, let them be. If your distance is unnoticeable, let it be…

If giving them your past is not enough, then giving them your present and future is a lot more different, complex and chaotic.

Don’t ask for people to love you because it would only show how much you crave for care. 
Care that you once sought, but never given.

Care that you once need, but were never noticed.

Give life to that incognito and hide the waters of your eyes. 

You are alone in this world and no one’s going to be with you forever. You should learn how to fight your own battles wars all by yourself! 

If you’re hurt, CRY!

If you’re furious, SCREAM!

If you’re suffocated, LEAVE!

 Find an oasis that would help you live and survive; for life is about making choices. Choices that may lose your present, but will surely define your future..